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Daily hiring signals and prospecting output on funded startups scaling their teams

We help recruiting firms identify, prospect into, and win new business with venture-backed startups hiring for positions you specialize in sourcing.

How it works

1. Aggregate company details

We scan funded startup career pages daily and identify ones that posted new roles in the last 24 hours. The vast majority of of the companies are headquartered in the USA.

2. In-depth research

We find multiple employees responsible for hiring/HR initiatives based on each position's category along with their LinkedIn, valid email address, and other pieces of information.

3. Access exactly what you need

We send you all new postings and employee contact output on a daily basis. This makes it easy to personalize your outreach based on 12+ data points and start consistent new business conversations. 

How it Works



Every report is manually crated and hand-checked for validity. We have a large team of researchers that work around the clock to consistently add and verify new daily jobs postings and key contacts.


The ability to filter and sort by job, company, and contact fields enables you to target just the right companies and key contacts that exactly line up with your ideal customer profiles.

Only target scaling startups

Having a timely reason to reach out goes a long way with personalizing messaging. We help you identify the hundreds to thousands of startups most likely to need your services based on their hiring signals.

Easily Exportable

Pull all the right companies and key contacts into your outbound messaging (and retargeting) campaigns within minutes and begin reaching out right away.  

Sortable by Category

We identify the department category of every job posted. This enables your team write personalized and relevant outreach to prospects who are hiring for the job categories and roles you want to focus on. 

Cost effective access

Supplement your current prospecting tools and immediately unlock a world of companies and key hiring contacts in your total addressable target audience.

What’s included

Hundreds to thousands of new roles added daily
Our team hand verifies and adds funded startups that are hiring into the StartupRecruiter daily reports.
Continuously verified information
We continuously verify company and key contact's prospecting information to ensure you're working with the freshest output at all times.
Intuitive interface
Sorting and filtering through your company and job criteria takes a couple seconds so you can find exactly what you're looking for.
Up-and-running in minutes
Once you have platform access, it takes a few minutes to narrow down your initial target lists and export them for outreach. 
Consistent search updates
Tell us your ideal customer profile and filter down to your perfect search criteria on every report.
Easy notifications
Receive your daily report over email or Slack and start prospecting immediately. 
In-depth company details

We find each job posting's company name, job description, website, LinkedIn profile, number of employees, and much more​.

Exclusive access

We only work with a few firms in each job category to ensure every StartupRecruiter user has ample accounts and contacts to work with.

Frequently asked questions

How is the output collected?

We have dozens of lead researchers that scan startup career pages every day for new job postings.

We then compile all job, company, and contact findings into a daily report and send it to you. This helps you understand hiring trends across days, weeks, and months of startups with money to spend on recruitment services.

When will my team start seeing results?

We can help you strategize the best way to leverage daily reports on an onboarding call and optional setup time. We recommend using StartupRecruiter reports by cold emailing prospects, implementing LinkedIn outreach campaigns, running retargeting campaigns, or all of the above. 

You should begin seeing positive replies within the first 10-20 reports after using the output and sending relevant, timely, and personalized messaging. StartupRecruiter users begin closing new clients within 1-2 months of using the platform.

What pieces of information are included on reports?​​

  • Company Name

  • Job Title

  • Job Description

  • Job Department Category

  • Company Description

  • Company Website

  • Company Total Funding Amount and Funding Stage

  • Company LinkedIn Profile

  • Company Size (Number of employees)

  • Company Headquarters Location

  • Prospect Name

  • Prospect Title

  • Associated Position to Prospect

  • Prospect Valid Email Address

  • Prospect LinkedIn profile

We currently find Sales/Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources, Product, and Design roles. All roles and contacts are included on every report. Information is exportable via CSV into your tools and workflows. There are between 150-400 companies and roles on each daily report across each job category except HR, where there are a few less on a daily basis.

How often are reports sent to me?

Reports are sent to you either 10 or 20 times a month depending on your subscription plan. Reports are only sent on weekdays, and you'll receive a new report every day of the week if you subscribe to the 20 reports plan.


If you're subscribed to the 10 Reports plans, you'll receive the reports every other weekday throughout the month.

Can I see a sample report?

Definitely - we'll send you a sample report to review in your desired category after our initial conversation. There are 2 tabs in each report, the Jobs and People tabs. Emails in the People tab with an asterisk in front of them means it's a catch-all email.


Have other questions or want to learn more? Email or book time with us below:

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